Disaster Planning

Emergencies happen, so plan in advance!

It may be hard to think about, but it is worth spending a little time with your family so that they have an idea what to expect if there is a disaster, or emergency. These days, with so many weird weather situations developing, we often know in advance of devastating storms, possible flooding, possible power outages, and we even get a few seconds warning for earthquakes in some areas.

When it comes to disaster planning though, there is a lot more needed than just a first aid kit, just in case. Schools are often very proactive about helping set children up with supplies (that you provide) in case of an emergency while they are at school, but you do need to be prepared at home too.

disaster planning

Here are some of the items you should have readily and handily available:

  • emergency lighting
  • canned food and bottled water for all
  • a supply of cash and a credit card
  • sturdy shoes for the whole family
  • plans that the whole family have discussed in advance
  • a go bag for each family member that contains
    • a change of dry clothes,
    • a flashlight with spare solar batteries,
    • emergency contact numbers,
    • first aid kit,
    • water purification tablets,
    • bottle of water,
    • high energy bars,
    • medications,
    • waterproof notebook,
    • pencil,
    • large plastic bags (can be used as a poncho if necessary),
    • gloves for protecting hands, or keeping warm.
    • Duct tape is always useful too
    • a small amount of cash

first aid kit

A lot of these things should be kept in the car too as a precaution, especially when going on a long trip, but remember to update them so your precious supplies don’t get outdated.

It is always a good idea to discuss “what if” situations with your family, as to what would be a good thing to do in a certain situation. This will help in a real emergency, because they will have some idea of what to do. Of course, you have to make sure that the way you handle this is appropriate for the age of your children. The last thing you want is for them to have nightmares for ever more!

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