Bath Time For Moms

A Fabulous Hot Bath is only a small step down from heaven for a busy Mom!

Or a bubble bath, especially at the end of a looong day, after the 1000th shout of “Mommy!” and when everything that could go wrong seems to have done so.

soaking in a bath tub

However, I do suggest you leave the phone behind if at all possible! Or at least screen your calls. After all this is Mom’s time!

If you are truly looking for a special treat, there are some beautiful bath products available.

But the truth is you can get 100% of the benefit with stuff that’s already lying around in your bathroom or kitchen.

A Basic Hot Bath doesn’t have to be so basic!

For example, you can make a basic hot bath with bath salts made from regular salt or Epsom salts and baking soda, stirred into your hot bath. Provided your mind is at rest about the kids (you haven’t left them playing on the garage roof, for example) you are going to get as much of a relaxation from 20 to 30 minutes of this soak as you would from even the most expensive add-in salts or oils. And the baking soda really does soften your skin.

But you CAN do better if you really want to pamper yourself and make it a bit more special.

For a start, increase the Epsom salts to a cup or more. You’ll actually feel “lighter” in the water.

You can add baby oil, or mineral oil (you don’t need much).

If you have them, you can add essential oils. Lavender relieves stress and eases muscle tension. Citrus is reputed to be revitalizing. Mints are refreshing (subtle difference between this and revitalizing, too subtle for me … stick the lot in, is my approach).

Remember Cleopatra? You too can take advantage of the skin-softening abilities of milk. 3 or 4 cups of dried milk can work wonders.

And if it’s been an especially wearing day … steep some chamomile (1/2 a cup, or 4 or 5 tea bags) for 20 minutes or so then strain it and combine that with the milk and hot water. I saw this in “Pioneer Thinking;” I haven’t tried it yet myself but I will.


Home-Made Bubble Bath that works?

Either because you don’t want to spend your bucks, or because you have extra-sensitive skin, making home-made bubble-bath oil isn’t difficult.

The easiest way of all is just to combine 1/2 cup shampoo with 3/4 cup water and a little salt.
Just stir the shampoo and water in a bowl, then add a little salt to thicken the oil. It works fine.
(Of course, it’s best if you choose a shampoo with a smell that makes you feel good, not one that smells like it’s going to remove the dandruff from your ‘pits.)

Want to make it a bit fancier? Add glycerin, perhaps 1/2 tsp. Or add essential oils again … there are some yummy smells out there (I LOVE vanilla).

If you want to get REAL fancy … you can make your own oil by shaving Castile soap (you can find it in a supermarket along with the regular stuff) into warm water to make an oil, then adding glycerine (couple tsps) or (more expensive) coconut oil ,,, or both. These really add to the bubble density as well as being great skin-softeners.

Just as important … get the setting right!

Personally, provided the setting is right I’d be almost as happy just with plain hot water for 20 minutes. What IS the right setting?

Well … Kids are safe and you can forget about them. Husband is occupied and knows that if he interrupts you for any reason whatsoever he will be cut-off for a month.

Consider some aromatic oils … lavender, perhaps. Consider even a simple candle or two – there are so many choices today, both for color, design and aroma.

And … vital … make a mental commitment that the world will not end if you don’t answer the phone for 30 minutes! Either turn it off before you go for the bath (recommended) or JUST LET IT RING. Just like it would if you weren’t there.

Enjoy, Moms, you deserve this!

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