Credit Score

Your Credit Score – find out what it is!

Your credit score is an important rating for you to know, not just when you need to buy something on credit, or when you are applying for a loan. It is always a good thing to check this credit score from time to time to make sure that the information is actually correct, before you actually need it for something!

credit score

 Your credit score is dependent on a number of factors including:
  • your payment history
  • the amount you owe
  • the length of your credit history
  • the types of credit used

Fortunately, there are some ways you can improve your credit score, but first you need to know what that score is, and there are reputable companies that will provide you with your records for free once a year.

There are many ways to improve your credit score, and they are not always the most obvious, so it certainly pays off to become well acquainted with the rules of credit, and what actually does help your credit score. Paying off balances on time is not always the best move, strangely enough!

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