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How To Pamper Yourself - Pamper Your Feet - Pamper Your Hair - Pamper Your Hands

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Just like the ones you see in the salons and spas. This clever design keeps your hair away from your face--a handy tool when applying makeup, washing your face, keeping hair dry when showering or for putting your hair up after washing it. Super absorbant fabric draws water out of hair to reduce drying time. You'll love having this around. Revolutionary, quick drying micro-fiber turban. Capable of absorbing 4 times its own weight in water Perfect trying companion for curly, thick or long hair Super-soft fabric Comes in a resusable pouch for storage & travel Machine Washable 90% polyester 10% nylon


Get spa treatment without leaving your home! Enjoy an invigorating, tension relieving spa session every time you take a shower with the Revitalize Spa Flow Shower Head. The powerful turbo jet technology adds oxygen to the shower stream and actually accelerates the water velocity by 250% to help massage away those stressful tension knots around the neck and shoulders. The 9 extension arm adjusts in both height and direction so you can position the water where it feels best. Quick wetting and quick rinsing. Actually saves you time and money. Chrome plated & fits any décor!

With Spa Factory Facial Benefits create yout own custom-scented clay or oatmeal mask with your favorite essential oil. Includes mixes, oils, tools, recipe cards and customizable gift jars

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