Stress - you can handle it!

I think you'll agree that life without stress sounds wonderful, but as a mom, we have to be realistic! It isn't necessarily that there is one major event causing us stress, but more an accumulation of little things, from siblings constantly bickering, to the tv being on too loud.

How should we cope with this?

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One of the most important things to realize is that your family depends on you for so much, so the first thing you have to do is take good care of yourself. Typically this doesn't come at the top of a mom's to-do list, but it is vital to the running of your family. With mom under the weather, or sick, it is so much harder for a family to function. So how do you do this? Reduce your stress, for a start, and do this by

  • eating healthily. This will not only help you feel and look better, but will also set a good example for the rest of your family. Junk food is not ideal! Try to limit the number of candies you consume, and those cookies. Instead, try a glass of milk, or some cheese and crackers, or a yogurt. 
  • Then stay, or get fit. Again this sets a good example, but it will also make you feel better about yourself, and give you more energy. 
  • Make sure you get regular check ups with your doctor, and if any problems arise, take the time to get them seen to as soon as possible. 
  • Try to get enough sleep every night, although this may be even more challenging if you are menopausal. Those night sweats can be extremely disruptive. And remember, don't stay up too late or you and your family will suffer!
  • laughing as this is so good for you. If we only look, we can find the humor in a lot of situations, and it would be a lot healthier for us. Failing that we can always read some humor. I suggest taking a look here and consider purchasing this book. There are some 460 pages of humor, which is sure to have you laughing in no time at all - just what the doctor ordered!  


Now, you are probably wondering how you will find the time to even attempt this for one day. You can do it, and it will help to reduce your stress level.

For nutrition, I find one of the best ways is to just avoid buying junk food altogether. You can't eat it if it isn't there, and to go to the store takes effort, probably more than you want to spend! When you go shopping, avoid the junk food aisle, keep to the fresh foods, and remember not to go shopping when you are hungry, as that leads to more impulse buying!

For exercise, try to walk the children to school rather than drive, or if you are at one of their sporting events, go for a walk while they are warming up, but be back in time to watch the game. Or if your children love the play ground, walk there, or around it, while keeping an eye on them.

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Thanks go to Jean Johnson for providing the following tips for us:


Top Ten Ways Working Moms Can Take Care of Themselves by: Jean Johnson


  • 1. Get enough sleep.  

    This means making sure the kids go to bed early enough so you can. Have an evening routine that is calming for everyone.


If you have children who are night owls, encourage them to have quiet times in their room so that you can get some much needed sleep on a regular basis. They could use the time to read, or listen to quiet music, as long as they respect your need for sleep. ~ Site Editor


  • 2. Eat well.

    Yes you know it. Most of you don’t do it. It is just as easy to grab a piece of fruit as a basket of fries. You and your kids will feel better if you eat three good meals a day. Do the shopping, planning and cooking together. This gives you bonding time and teaches the kids good skills to help out around the house.


  • 3. Exercise.

    I know you’re exhausted at night and don’t have time in the morning, but if you’re stopping for coffee or vegging out in front of the TV you have time. Do something - anything. It all helps. Better yet - take a class with the kids.


  • 4. Look your best.

    Get a great haircut. Wear the best clothes you can afford. When we look good we feel good and we smile more.


  • 5. Smile.

     You’ll automatically feel better. Even better - laugh.


  • 6. Count your blessings.

     Your mother was right, count your blessings. Make a gratitude list. We all have a multitude of things to be grateful for. Post your list and add to it. Have the kids make one too.


  • 7. Ask for help.

     We don’t have to do it all alone. Ask family, friends, co-workers, and organizations for help. From babysitting to yard cleanup to a ride to the store. People love to be needed. (Just don’t use them)


  • 8. Help others.

     Nothing feels as good as service. Get the kids involved. Help clean up the beach or mow the elderly neighbor’s lawn. Helping each other makes all our lives easier.


You may have noticed that all of these tips have the added benefit that they make you feel good and better about yourself This is a good thing to teach your children too. And teaching your children to help others will have benefits for you too ,hopefully a long way down the road, because this means that when you need help they will be prepared and used to giving it!            ~ Site Editor


  • 9. Connect to your spirituality.

    Whatever that is for you. Nature, music, church, gardening. Do something at least once a week that makes you feel whole.

  • 10. Lower your expectations.

Yes - LOWER your expectations. Of yourself and of your kids. You’re not supermom and they aren’t superkids. Cut all of you some slack.


About The Author

Jean Johnson, one time single working mom, is now a full-time coach and writer specializing in women’s issues, especially those involving transitions, spirituality and finding your purpose, passion and pizzazz in life. Jean can be reached at, or check out her website at


So, keep in mind what is really important to you, and don't sweat the small stuff. Reduce that stress! Try, just for today, not to worry. You can do it - remember, your family depends on you.


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