Protection for you, your family and your belongings!Protect your family as well as you can

These days we have to consider protection for so much, so have a look at the following, and make sure you and your family are all covered.

Protection for your home

Alarm systems, if installed and used properly, are very useful for providing peace of mind, both when you are in your home and away. They can guard you over night while you are all sleeping, or they can be comfort for older children when home by themselves. But make sure everyone old enough knows how to use it properly. You don't want sirens going off all day!

Some alarm systems have a door chime which alerts you to someone opening a door. I always find that useful for knowing whether my family are in the house or out. And you can turn it off if it annoys you!

Of course smoke alarms need to be installed and their batteries changed regularly, and a carbon monoxide tester should be installed as well.

Protection for your children

It is a good idea to have a code word with your children, one that is used if someone other than you is to pick them up from school. Use a word or phrase that is easily remembered by you all. This then means that if you have to ask someone else to pick up your children, they must have that code word, otherwise your children will not go with them. Make sure you give it to them!

Protection for your children online

Software4Parents will let you monitor your children's activities online.Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that we have to be very careful when we use the internet, and it is especially important for you to know what your children use the computer for. With so many online chat rooms springing up, it is essential that you monitor who your children are talking to online. Obviously, there is no way you can be standing over them all the time, but there is software that will monitor your children's activities online, without them knowing.

By using this software, your are able to make sure that they are not giving away personal information to strangers. It will give you piece of mind, and is quite inexpensive at $30. Surely it is worth paying this to protect your children online?

Protection for who you are

It is sad that these days we need to protect who we are, as identity theft is becoming all too common. Never put bank or credit card statements directly into the garbage or recycling. It is too easy for someone to pick up. Instead invest in a shredding machine and use it for all your sensitive documents. You'll be surprised how many you have. Another option would be to burn them, but this can be both messy and time consuming. There are inexpensive shredders out there for the home, and they are well worth the investment.

With internet banking taking off too it is necessary to protect all PINs or Personal Identification Numbers. Remember to change these numbers for maximum protection, but ensure you do not keep the new PIN with the card itself. It is a good idea to copy the front and back of you credit cards so that you have all the information on them, should they be stolen. But remember to keep the copies in a very safe place!

Make sure when you fill up with gas that you do not leave the credit card receipt in the glove compartment of your car. These receipts often have your complete credit card number on them, and auto insurance papers will give any thieves your address too.

Only carry the identification you need around with you every day. that way, if your wallet or purse is stolen you will not lose everything.

Protection for your computer  

Yes, it sounds strange, but your computer does need protection too. Make sure you have anti virus software, and install a firewall, or get one installed for you, and remember to update your anti virus protection regularly. Don't leave bank passwords on the computer, even at home. If it is stolen the thieves will have access to your accounts. It does save time to have the computer remember all your passwords, but where security is concerned, it makes no sense, and could cost you a lot more time to sort out your finances if your computer is stolen and your accounts emptied.

 Protection for your finances

Having looked at ways of protecting your home, and family, don't forget about protecting your finances, and the house you live in. You can do this by taking out an insurance policy whereby you would get a certain amount of money if you became ill and were unable to work for a period of time. For more information, go to Insurance protection.


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