Moms go through such a lot,
including Labor Pains,
but it's worth it in the end!

For almost 9 months you have been carrying your baby, and looking after it by eating well, providing it with nourishment of a suitable kind, but the time is fast approaching, and labor is about to start. This is something that is a different experience for every mom, and you never know how long the labor is going to last - thank goodness!  No matter how much you wish it, there just isn't a way to reduce the length of labor to zero! However, there are various methods that can reduce the amount of pain you feel during labor. You should discuss all your options well ahead of time, both with your doctors, and your partner, so that when the time comes, they are able to fulfil your wishes with regards to pain relief, if this is necessary for you.

mom and baby

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby is to learn to relax, using proper relaxation techniques. This will help you to relax between labor contractions, and make the whole process overall less stressful for everyone. Now there are many relaxation techniques out there, from breathing exercises, to hypnosis, as well as relaxation and massage, but acupressure during labor makes so much sense. I wish I had known about this during my childbirthing days! It would have saved my husband and myself from many, many stressful hours while our first was being born! As it was he felt hopeless and useless, and couldn't bear to see me trying to deal with the pain of the contractions for a day and a half! If we'd known the acupressure techniques, I am positive that it would have been a very different scenario, a much better experience for all of us, our baby included!

So what is acupressure? As its name suggests, acupressure uses pressure on the points that are used for acupuncture, but the good thing about it is that anyone can do do this, including your significant other. This means that instead of the male feeling hopeless and helpless during the birth, he can actually be of great help by applying pressure to the correct points during labor! In fact, my understanding is that you can use acupuncture to induce labor too, which is of great interest too. Take a look at this page about labor and acupressure. It will open your mind to all sorts of help.

Now, by using acupressure, you may be able to do without drugs and epidurals during labor, or at least be given a reduced level, and this can only be of benefit to you and your baby. Imagine, childbirth while you are in control, and your partner is there giving acupressure that relieves the pain for you and makes him a very useful figure in the birthing process. Just imagine giving birth in a calm quiet relaxed room! How much better that is for you and your baby!

Take a look here at labor acupressure, read all about it and decide for yourself. I'll be very surprised if you are not prepared to try this for your baby, and yourself so that you too can have a shortened delivery time, with no side effects from drugs, and a better start in life for your baby. After all, you are worth it!


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