Frozen Shoulder Pain
Is Unbelievable

Are you suffering from a frozen shoulder which keeps you awake at night - as if you haven't suffered enough trying to do normal things like brush your hair, reach in a cupboard etc, during the day? Never mind that you have to look after your family too.

Are you at your wits end on how to return your shoulder to normal life so you can get on with your life?

If so, then you need to read what I have to say on this page, because there is hope.

I have had the misfortune to have both shoulders frozen, though fortunately at different times, so I know the agonies of a frozen shoulder only too well.

For those of you with a frozen shoulder, I highly recommend this  ebook,

Frozen Shoulder Guide
by Brian Schiff

 which will give you a  program requiring minimal equipment, and that has pictures that make it easy to follow for those with even no prior exercise experience.

The Frozen Shoulder Guide is highly recommended

Here is the best part. 

 The program can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home and it takes less than 30 minutes per day.

Take a look here,
you have nothing to lose
but your pain!

After the first bout which lasted for nearly two years, despite trying everything, you know, the cold pads, the anti inflams, acupuncture, and my doctor finally giving me corticosteroid injections, I was
absolutely horrified to find my other shoulder going the same way some ten years later. And it happened so fast, from just a niggling little pain to the full-blown agony of a frozen shoulder in days.

Of course, I already knew all about the sleepless nights, the agony of trying to do the simplest things, having to change my wardrobe to clothes I could put on without having to move my shoulder and could fasten with one hand, or getting someone to dress me. The second time was just awful.

At the same time, my mother fell and broke her wrist in two places, but I was unable to go to help her, as I couldn't even look after myself properly. We had phone sessions discussing what we'd managed to do that day - very little - tips we had found to help us cope one handed. It was a terrible time. But my mother recovered faster from her 2 bone breaks than I did fr4om my frozen shoulder, despite the age difference.

Then we discovered that we had to move house, and find a new one
first. I was in a complete daze. I was extremely sleep-deprived to
begin with, but then had the added stress of finding a suitable new
home, and moving into it. Now fortunately, I could lift boxes from the
floor, I just couldn't move them above waist height, so I was of some
use. But I was so exhausted all the time. I couldn't sleep more than a
few minutes at a time, despite pillows propping me up and supporting
my shoulder.

I think the worst thing though was when I finally phoned a local pain
relief centre. I held off for as long as possible, because that was my
last resort, although my husband couldn't understand my reluctance to call. Once I'd talked to them, he knew why. I was told the waiting list was eight months long, and I was devastated. 8 months more of pain, and very little sleep. I cried and cried. My only hope had gone, my only
lifeline was too far away to be of any comfort to me. I felt without
hope, and that was so hard to bear.

I tried everything, again, the acupuncture, the steroid shots - didn't
help this time, but maybe that was because we had to help my daughter
move back from school. I went to physio and they tried their best, I
did the exercises, and very very slowly I got to use my arm without
pain. In the meantime, my brother developed a frozen shoulder, but his
doctor recommended breaking the joint, something my doctors did not
suggest as the longterm outlook is not as good. I was given some exercises to do, but they really didn't seem to help very much, and I was quite discouraged.

However, after all this misery, I am able to tell you that for you
and your frozen shoulder there is great news. You do not need to try
all the different methods that I did, unless you really want to. There
is a solution for you that you can start working on right now. 

Just take a moment to read and listen to what Brian Schiff, PT, CSCS
Frozen Shoulder Treatment
has to say. Then download his ebook to be on your way to a painfree shoulder. He is currently charging just $39.95, which I would have been more than pleased to pay. It's much less than I paid for one other session of treatment that I went to, whereas this ebook is available right now, and you don't have to leave the house for treatment.

I do wish that this had been available while I was struggling through my bouts of frozen shoulder. It would have helped me tremendously for sure, and I would have recovered much quicker. So give it a try. After all, what do you have to lose?

Frozen Shoulder Treatment, just click on the link to take you to the help that you need for that shoulder!


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